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Are you looking for technology and other services for your Forex Brokerage? IQINIK is leading provider of Forex Technologies and other FX services to make your brokerage global and profitable.

Web and Mobile Trader

Our Web Trader is custom built application with latest technologies and epic features to enhance trading experience.

MT4/MT5/Vertex Plugins

IQINIK has strong team of developers to develop plugins for MT4, MT5 and Vertex servers to upgrade some functionality.

Mobile Forex

Our creative team designs mobile apps for Forex market with eye catching graphics, responsive layout and FX tools.

Risk Management

We provide ultimate Risk Management application to manage trading risk and liquidity establishment.

LIquidity and Bridge setup

We have higher end team to provide consultancy service to the brokers by providing cost effective Forex liquidity and bridge setup service.

Trading Platform

Get your branded MT4/MT5 trading platform at effective cost and 24 hours assistance.

Our Exalted Traits

IQINIK is been registered in India and operated globally to serve innovative technologies to Forex and Financial Market.We evolved many tools and techniques to make brokerage process automated and profitable. Apart from financial technology products development, we also serve consulting service for financial institution across to globe.

IQINIK is leading technology provider of Forex, binary options, stocks, CFDs and securities. We provide tailor made solution to start up and existing brokerage firms. Our MT4 and liquidity support services add values to our brand.

FIX API Bridge


Trading Platform


Binary Options1


Forex backoffice & Marketing


Our Partners

Meet our partners, We have affiliation with fortune 500 companies in Forex and Financial.

The Iconic Team of IQINIK

We have strong and dynamic team to provide end to end support and innovation.

Sales Team

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Our energetic team performs a vital role to achieve annual Goals and Milestone.

Dedicated Team

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Hire our dedicated experts to fulfill your requirement

Technical Team

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Our Techie team focus technical & security aspects of our projects.

Support Team

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Our multilingual team provides end to end support to our clients.

Technical aspect detection before development start
Stability and security first
Striving for zero performance impact on the trading platform
Ground zero support
Proven knowledge and experience in MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5
Solutions are easy to use but flexible
Performance and maintainability by using modern technologies
Accurate need determination

Our Optimum Solutions

We serve innovative solutions to Forex & Financial market to help them growing their brokerage firm.Let us know if you want to develop something unique.

iRisk-Forex Risk Management

iRisk helps broker in reducing and managing their risk real time by providing high level of analytics and statistics.

MT4/MT5/Vertex API

Connect your website and mobile apps quickly with MT4/MT5/Vertex using our API quickly and efficiently without hiring any expert.

Forex/CFDs Backoffice

Increase your sales efficiency by using our Forex Backoffice.It helps brokers in managing their traders, transactions, IBs and trading activity.

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Easy to contact us now, We are just step away from you. We are committed to assist you with any question.

Iqinik is headquartered in India with sales and support.Contact us to get best Forex solution for your brokerage.Give us a call for free consultation.