CRM Solution
CRM Solution
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Forex CRM Solution

Forex CRM Solution

All-in-One CRM Solution for Forex Organizations

CRMs for Businesses to Improve Client Engagement and Retention

Forex businesses require an efficient customer relationship management system that helps them acquire new customers, retain them, and keep track of their transactions on the platform. At iQinik, we will build a personalized and performant CRM that will be easy to use, integrate trading platform systems, and helps you grow your business effectively. The iQinik built RR has a different portal for administrations, clients, and IB activities to ensure the separation of management and visibility.

A single-window CRM can be used for sending and receiving notifications, creating and viewing client datasheets, managing client groups, keeping track of money deposits/withdrawals, and taking the intended actions smoothly.

iQinik CRM comes with all the required tools and technologies to automate customer management.

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CRM Features
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We build business intelligence-oriented dashboards for comprehensive visibility into every aspect of the company. Our designers and developers work together to build intuitive dashboards embedded with advanced functions that are easy to find. You can manage almost everything from the dashboard and access clients, brokers, and customers’ information

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Multi-Level IBs Logic

The CRM we build will have a hierarchical system to help your introducing brokers build a bespoke structure for their brokerage and efficiently manage every component. Effective management helps the IBs stay motivated and on-target to acquire new customers. Here, the IBs commissions add up automatically based on the admin interface configuration.

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Sales Strategy

The iQinik brokerage CRM will ensure that your IBs and traders implement appropriate and personalized sales strategies to attract new leads and retain existing ones. Moreover, the CRM gives them ways and means to sell smartly while keeping track of their strategies, enabling them to make changes as required.

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Multi-Channel Marketing

With iQinik CRM specially built for Forex businesses, you will find specific marketing channels and integrations. These additions will ensure an easy way to promote and advertise your solutions while giving you the perfect tools to track and convert your leads. With our CRM, you can create bespoke landing pages, creatives, and other marketing materials from a single platform, without having to write any form of code.

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Operations Management

To improve your operational efficiency and management, the CRM will help you connect and interact with external and internal teams. This helps in the speedy processing of different operations, including registration, KYC, verification, depositing, withdrawing, etc. The interface you will engage with is smartly designed to ease your experience. Lastly, it can also help assign roles and track performances.

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Support Structure

With the in-built support system for Forex businesses, you can always stay connected to your customers. Components like live chat, support ticket issuance, phone integration, email tracking, etc., help with precision-led customer support systems. Working with multiple support systems allows a business to pay attention to customer and client needs, which is important for every business.

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The CRM we build for your business includes an in-built report generation system, which helps in efficient data analysis and inferences, leading to insightful actions. With state-of-the-art tools, you can generate visualizations of the data for easy understanding and analyze the same to track every little detail. Brokers can also access dedicated tools to build bespoke reports.

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Team Synergy

The iQinik CRM is nothing less than an all-in-one solution to create a harmonious team that is always connected with each other. We will add the required features to ensure effective collaboration of every team, which further helps create memorable experiences for the customers in terms of product provisioning, support, and overall management.

Features You Need in a CRM for Smooth Functioning

As a Forex CRM helps streamline the business processes and ensure that you are always in control of the activities and operations, it requires another set of functions to deliver these benefits.

Empowering Your Organisation

Here’s Why You Need a Forex CRM

Broker-First CRM

A good FX CRM helps brokers & IBs to work efficiently & improve business outcomes.



Our CRMs perform outstandingly & integrate marketing tools to automate business processes.


Performance Tracking

You can track the performance of brokers, clients, strategies & marketing channels & modify their functioning.


Access Control

Assign & allocate tasks, give permissions and provide protection according to the user and its functionality.

Here Are Some Other Features

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