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Traders Room
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Forex Traders Room

Forex Traders Room

High-Performance Forex Trading Rooms With Easy Access

The Right Forex Trading Room Enables the Customers to Trade Smoothly

A Forex trading room is meant for traders, customers, & investors to manage, operate, & optimize their trading accounts. The users can leverage its features & functions to create a profitable trading portfolio & deposit, withdraw, & manage the trading history. Working with iQinik means, you can provide a smooth & salient trading experience to your customers backed by security, speedy transactions, & an overall positive experience.

To control the trading room & its features, we can also build a separate administration platform giving effective control over the functions to the administrators. We can provide in-built functionalities like setting up new roles, responsibilities, permission access, lead tracking, task allocation, among others.

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Our Features

Smart Features for an Efficient Platform

Client Onboarding

Use an efficient system to onboard new clients via an intuitive registration page & profile setup system.


Speedily update, verify, & authenticate the customer details via smooth KYC processing internally.

Round the Clock Analysis

Work with advanced reporting where data is extracted from advanced sales & trading data to build actionable insights.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Authenticate & process payments allowing users to liquidate assets by withdrawing & depositing to build liquidity.

Retention & Growth

Build customer-friendly options to promote growth, incentivize their efforts, & apply customer feedback to build actionable insights.

Assured Quality

Enable your customers to work with high-quality products backed by multi-channel customer support services.

Energetic Marketing

Build, implement, & deploy inbound plus outbound marketing strategies & solutions for effective results.

Role Delegation

Designate roles, responsibilities, & departments according to their importance & status.

Admin Reviews

We provide a dedicated system for the administrators to review the CRM & check the team progress.

Forex Traders Room Services We Provide

Forex Trader’s Room

Why Build a Forex Traders Room for a Forex Business?

  • 01

    Single Window Management :
    With a Forex Trader Room, the traders and IB’s can manage and control every functionality associated with business from a single place under tight security.

  • 02

    Smooth Trading Experience :
    Well-Built traders room have pre-integrated e-wallets and payment gateways, allowing a proactive trading experience.

  • 03

    Client Representation & Tracking :
    A Trader’s Room allows the users to track, manage, and support the clients from the platform while ensuring a memorable experience, which helps with customer attraction and retention.

  • 04

    Scalable and Upgrade :
    iQinik built trader rooms are easy to scale and upgrade according to new requirements and market demands.

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