Multi-Level IBs
Multi-Level IBs
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Multi-Level IBs

Multi-Level IBs

Simple and Easy Multi-Level IB System to Grow Brokerage Activity

Attractive and Growth-Oriented IB Brokerage System

IQinik can build a bespoke multi-level IB brokerage system for your Forex business replete with the desired features. As IB is an essential component of the Forex business, building an intuitive platform will help increase your business and IB commissions and help manage the clients or investors smoothly. This ultimately provides a great customer experience, which can further fuel growth in the business.

With iQinik’s Multi-Level IB platform, your FX business will experience a faster and reliable way to address the concerns of the Introducing Brokerage and their customers. The Multi-Level IB systems let you create a tiered structure of IBs where one level of brokers can add another IB, and they can further sign in more IBs creating a tree-like structure.

Variants of

IB Programs You Can Implement

Single Level Partnership Program

This program has one Parent IB, and one sub-IB is appointed under the Parent IB with a partnership on a singular level.

Multi-Level Partnership Program

Integrate multiple IBs via the Forex IB Commission Module and sign them under a single IB.

Auto Rebate (Self Rebates)

The auto rebate calculation system helps each trader with seamless commission calculations completed with the new IB tool.

Trading platform Oriented Multi-Level IB Business Logic Execution

Multi-Level IB Business Logic on trading platform provides for faster and easier network management, calculating referral commissions, and effective payouts.

  • 1 Broker Set Commission We build an IB platform that makes it easy to set broker commissions, Pips, Percentage, and Cash. Our system supports custom payout formulas to be inserted on different levels.
  • 2 IB’s Portal Promo Materials The Parent and under-assigned IBs can use several promo materials, including referral URLs, banners, articles, and other marketing materials, to improve their visibility and attract leads.
  • 3 IB Reporting The IBs connected to the multi-level platform can view and receive instant payments and commissions, and view the transactions easily in one-click.
  • 4 Broker Reports The brokers can also review the payouts and rebates paid from the platform at any time across the system.
Key Features of

iQinik IB Program And Platform

The IB-Program Platform We Build will increase your business’ potency while improving its efficiency and operational capabilities.

  • The IBs and brokers can create, view, and visualize reports that can be custom generated from the platform.
  • The clients and customers can access information related to the IBs, including their summary, transaction history, commissions, and an overview of the Parent IB.
  • The Tree-like IB and broker hierarchical representation easily provide a proper understanding of the entire brokerage structure.

What Makes Our Platform Unique?

Payment Cycle

We have integrated an innovative system to ensure timely payments to every individual connected to the platform. The platform calculates the IB commissions in real-time and forwards them on time.


Ranking System

As the IBs will be ranked according to their performance, it will lead to competition among them, motivating the IBs to bring new traders, increase the volume of trades & earn higher commissions.


Better Visibility

We have designed the platform to enable complete visibility into the trader’s information, trading history, and the multi-tier hierarchy system from a single window.

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