Vtiger Solutions
Vtiger Solutions

Vtiger Solutions

Strengthen and Reinforce your Customer Management System with VTiger Customization Services

Robust VTiger CRM Solutions for SMBs

Vtiger is a sophisticated CRM solution that business need to survive and thrive in a competitive industry. It’s an open-source customer relationship management software that aids in storing, organizing, and managing customer data. So, with VTiger integrated into your Forex and Trading solution, you can easily cover activities like;

  • Lead Management
  • Activity Management
  • Account Management
  • Product Customization
  • Contact Management
  • Security Management

Using this software can also implement customer-centric engagement initiatives, increase operational efficiency, and boost revenue. However, executing all these services and functions efficiently requires expert help and continuous management, which we provide.

At iQinik, we help you explore and capitalize the full potential of VTiger CRM services and integrate it with your business to help you manage every customer like a pro. We can help you identify all the opportunities for effective customer management, including revenue maximization, conversion, approvals, and payments.

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End-to-End VTiger Customization & Integration Services

At its core, VTiger is added with several features to help businesses manage their customers better than a manual or a traditional CRM approach. We can modify your usage of the same depending on feedback from your customers and match the demands of their clientele. Since VTiger is designed to help small and medium businesses be more productive throughout the day, we help you become more vigilant and aware about your customers and tackle data manipulation and duplication.

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    Effective Evaluation:
    Understanding the customers and your needs is a great way to begin. With VTiger CRM solutions executed by iQinik expert team, we make this possible and help you improve your client relationship system.

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    Customized Services:
    We offer personalized services of VTiger CRM based on your requirements. Our purpose is to help you avoid redundant tasks and automate the process wherever possible.

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    Comprehensive Integration:
    Without tampering and compromising with other systems, we integrate VTiger with your business. Our experts leverage the most of this technology has to offer while ensuring business continuity.

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    Continuous Monitoring:
    With the purpose of reviewing and modifying, we provide effective monitoring services ensuring the integrity of implementation and efficiency of results.

VTiger CRM Implementation & Integration Services We Provide

From consultation to post-integration support and maintenance, you can trust us to provide comprehensive CRM implementation solutions.

Building an Empowered CRM with VTiger

Why Should You Invest in the VTiger CRM Solution?

Your customers are the most important aspect of your business and they must be handled with the best care possible. VTiger CRM gives you the freedom and flexibility to manage every customer whilst providing a personalized experience. iQinik VTiger experts can help you build, execute, and implement robust customer handling practices by providing exceptional customer service backed by data and easy-to-use software.

  • Helping employees manage customers effectively.
  • Customize the CRM functionality to suit your business and customers.
  • Streamline the business workflow.
  • Identify the gaps in customer service response.
  • Add bespoke integrations to enhance functionality
  • Support for different departments and operations in the organization.
  • Improving sales, customer retention, and acquisition rate.
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