Platform Service
Platform Service

Platform Service

Smart Platform Service Solutions

We offer smart and precise solutions and consultation for your Forex Business. iQinik development experts sit down with a cup of coffee and curate the best solution for your business.

Technical Consultation

Technical Consultation

We offer professional and authentic guidance in Forex development services to budding and established businesses. Given our expertise, we precisely know and will help you implement the perfect solution in the perfect way possible. Besides standard development services, we also provide precision guidance in trading platform configuration.

Effective Assessment and Analysis

  • In-house technical feasibility, complexity assessment, and risk analysis relative to market conditions.
  • Identifying platform and device compatibility with potential analysis of the solution.

Advanced Development Recommendations for the Business

  • Identifying the project components that can be automated for better performance.
  • Suggest market-oriented filter spikes, drop elements, and related components must be installed.
  • Helping with trading platform configuration, set up, and broker analysis.
  • Finding out the features and functions traders and brokers require for efficient business development.

Development Lifecycle and Structure


In research and analysis, we try to understand the project and your requirements. We will gather end-user feedback, comprehend the market positioning, and identify the trends. We will build a strategy to help the designers and developers understand the requirements with all this information.



We hold brainstorming sessions for the design and development team to find out the best ways to implement the solution you require and the best ways to execute them. We use agile development methodologies combined with the latest technologies to create the best solution possible.



After the solution is running live on the web we will stick around to help you with post-deployment support and maintenance services. You can ask us to update the solution and add new features or migrate to another technology.


Trading platform Maintenance

iQinik trading platform maintenance services include ensuring they run live without errors and that the traders have backed-up servers. Our maintenance experts go through every aspect of the trading platform to ensure seamless performance. We are the technical support team you need to grow your business, from sorting out your issues to keeping the trading platform up to date with the latest additions.

  • Trading platform server installation and set up services.
  • Maintaining group, symbols, and commission configurations.
  • Working on product files and dependencies installation.

Trading Platform Setup

Our turnkey trading platform solutions consist of the platform set up and upkeep according to your requirements and business goals. We work with trading platforms and ensure that you have the perfect infrastructure put in place and the adaptability to cater to multiple brokers and dealers. Our platform set up experts work closely with you to ensure the proper implementation and suggest relevant updates to keep up with the technology.

  • Comprehensive trading platform cluster set up services replete with backup servers and live settings.
  • Setting up effective security systems for the traders and live portal.
  • Branding and technical consultation services.

Trading platform Server Migration

Migrating from trading platform can turn out to be an overwhelming process. However, we can easily manage and ensure a smooth transition and move all the data to the latest servers without causing any issues. We plan out the entire process before execution which helps us complete the process easily and quickly.

  • Installation of the latest servers and its features.
  • End-to-end transfer of data, symbols, swaps, commissions, broker information, and additional settings.
  • Updating the in-built systems according to requirements.
Turnkey Brokerage Development Solutions

Give us an Opportunity to Grow your Business

iQinik provides high-quality and comprehensive brokerage development solutions and services within your budget.

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