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Risk Management
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Risk Management

Risk Management for Retail Brokers

Risk management at your Forex brokerage is made easy and clear with FX Risk. Create customized reports to know your business's performance in real-time, and track your exposure in real-time.

A forex risk management strategy allows you to manage the negative consequences of your forex trade according to certain rules and measures. Planning is essential to implementing an effective strategy, since risk management should be in place before you begin trading.

Risk management

Plugins for Forex Brokerage Business

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Financial / Economic risks

Brokerage businesses are centered around money. A Forex trader's ultimate goal and means to achieve it are money. Traders and investors intrust their capital with the broker. Therefore, brokers need to understand what they are doing, be fool-proof with their processes, and keep up with every aspect of their business. All brokers run the risk of having their clients leveraged, outdated quotes, margins, and negative balances.

  • Protect yourself from outdated quotes trading risks with a Quotes Watcher plugin.
  • It controls risk with large volume deals by modifying leverage based on balances and equity levels.
  • Plugin that monitors and controls the margin levels of clients, and notifies brokers when the margin levels reach a predefined level.
  • Protect brokers from losses when a trader's balance drops below zero with the Negative Balance Protection plugin.

Strategic risks

Success rarely happens by accident. The success of any business or individual is usually based on a strategy. There are many different strategies companies use, but most agree that increasing profits is usually among their top 3 priorities. Traders' motivation to trade more often and in greater volumes plays a big role in growing profits for brokers.

  • Using the Credit Management plugin, clients will be granted credits automatically.
  • Multilevel agent commissions (MLAC) are hierarchical rebate structures that can be created using Metatrader Manager with an unlimited number of rebate levels.
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Informations Security Risks

Nowadays, everyone seems to be concerned about information security. A large enterprise loses clients' data every other month, despite reports that the company failed to protect it. To avoid making the same mistakes as others, you should make sure you have proper protection in place:

  • By using Password Strength Plugin, you'll be able to check password complexity, expiration times, and compare new and old passwords to ensure you're protected.

Operational risks

Strategic and technological risks are only part of your risk management. The company continues to run on a day-to-day basis after you have established a plan and implemented all the latest technology.

  • Trader Event Alerts notify traders about various types of events that have happened on their accounts.
  • Plugin Position Limit limits open positions by instruments and rejects position openings if the maximum limit is exceeded.
  • Data Migration Service - exports, archives, and imports data between servers during migration.
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Regulatory risks

Regulators would be lying if they said regulation was fun. Putting all the data in the right format, collecting constant reports, can be intimidating.

  • Regulatory agencies receive a daily report with full data on all trading accounts on the server for the past 24 hours, called the EOD (End-of-day) Report.
  • Using Perf Attribution Report, reports are generated automatically weekly, monthly, or for the entire period in xlsx format.
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An Overview Of Risk Management Systems

  • Trade volume, revenue, and deposit statistics
  • Transaction reports
  • Platform integration with trading platform
  • Performing a risk assessment of a client's performance
  • Fluctuations in interest rates and exchange rates
  • Analyzes trades, account floating points, and leverage
  • An easy-to-use interface
Here Are Some Other Benefits

Benefits of FX Risk Management

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